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Instant Pot Beef Crock Roast

The addition of avocados and roasted nuts adds some crunchiness and tasty edge to your beef roast. Marinate the meat with beer and add some corn starch followed by dropping a bunch of mixed vegetables and cheese. Let it cook slowly and savior the flavors.


Prep time + Cooking: 30 min
Serves: 6
Kcal per serve: 700


• 3 lbs boneless shoulder chuck roast,
• Juice from half a lemon
• 1/2 cup corn starch
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 cups chopped mixed vegetables
• 2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chopped
• 1 avocado, sliced
• 2 pineapple slices, roughly chopped
• 1 cube feta cheese
• 2 tbsp peanuts, roasted and crushed
• 1 cup beer (or bourbon)
• Salt and black pepper


1. Rub some salt, pepper, and lemon juice all over the beef. Mix in the cornstarch and place it in the refrigerator for an

2. Meanwhile, add some live oil into the Instant Pot, set to sauté. Add the vegetables, peppers, and avocado. Stir and
cook for 5 minutes. Thereafter, add the beef, pineapples, cheese, beer, and peanuts. Sprinkle some salt and pepper as per taste.

3. Close the lid and cook on high pressure for 30 minutes. 4. Serve hot with a bread of your choice.

Cooking Tips

Add pimiento-stuffed olives and raisins. Also try adding eggplant for additional flavor.

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